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This company is a SCAM. They recruit young Israelis and promise them Student Visas for training in countries like Canada and the US.

They train them well before they leave - everything from what to say to at the border to how to be a relentless, agressive sales person. They promise them a decent wage plus commission and housing, and they know the products are expensive, so they are lured by that as well as usually knowing ir hearing of others who made a ton of money inna few months. Once they arrive they are put to work in store fronts and kiosks in prestigious malls for 12 hours a day where their only pay is from commission. This makes them even more desperate and aggressive.

They lure people in by offering them free samples, sometimes they hand over a fancy bag full of tissue, and you don't realize it's just a few packets of cheap hand cream until you leave. Next they will try to put their face creams on you and offer you a free facial. Finally, they will talk you into buying as many of their items as possible, promising a full money back guarantee (which is a lie). There are no prices or ingredient lists to be found either.

The price is whatever you agree to pay. They also will not have items in stock and say they will ship it to you. The receipt you get has NO REFUNDS stamped on it despite the verbal money back guarantee and there is very little you can do to stop them from taking your money. They love to prey on seniors and people with disabilities.

The products are also questionable and many have caused damage to the skin. I've been to one of their stores and the hand cream they give you from a tube is NOT the product you have in the tiny packet, but that's what you'll get if you agree to pay $90 for it. There are other company names owned by the same scam company, ie. Deep Sea Cosmetics, plus many more (I've found 8 so far).

This is being investigated by many including Homeland Security. They are coming on student or recreational Visas but working/scamming and leaving with wads (up to $40,000.00) of illegally obtained, tax free money from our countries. What can you do? First, if you know of a occasion where this company is operating, complain to the mall management.

Next, share any information you have with Wendy Vincent, who is coordinating information between the many agencies working on the Dead Sea fraud cases. If your mall does nothing, pass along the information to your local newspaper.

If you see their products online, leave a comment to warn people. Wendy Vincent can be reached via vincentwm@state.gov.

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At the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, AL they stopped my sister, who has special needs, and convinced her to buy hundreds of dollars worth of non-refundable products. When our family went back to speak with the manager she was unapologetic for taking advantage of her and refused a refund. My sister enjoys the Galleria but may no longer choose to shop there because of this experience.


I bought 600$ worth of cosmetics, because the sales man was charming and witty. I fell for it....now I went to return it and they won't return it to me.

How ill-fated I am.


I was also scammed at Riverchase Galleria. He was very pushing and demanding, and I agreed to pay $100!!

But the product does not work! They would not refund me my money and I contacted the company with no help also!!


Been scammed as well by adore at triangle town center in raleigh NC