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Similar to some of the other reviews I read on here for other mall product kiosks (Forever Flawless, Dead Sea Cosmetics, etc), I had an experience where I felt attacked and kidnapped by their pushy salespeople.

I'm on the way to my intended store, window shopping the other stores passing by, when all of a sudden an arm is in my way and something is being handed to me. Natural response is to reach out and grab/deflect/protect. This guy is handing me this little packet (Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion). I'm sort of awkwardly laughing with surprise at the brazen approach. He proceeds to grab my hand and rub this lotion on my arm which is their face peel. My skin is peeling off (kind of gross) and he says "that's fine, even I have dirty arms so no worry". what?? I don't have dirty arms. He proceeds to insult my skin in quick broken English, in an attempt to make me feel bad enough to buy their miracle products that will at the very least clean me of impurities. There was nothing informative or insightful in his spiel – just insulting observations about my aging skin. (As a 43yr old, I am constantly mistaken for being in my early 30s – I take really good care of my skin!)

A quick look at the rest of the reps - all are:

- young men (big, buff, foreign men which is probably intended to attract the female clientele)

- circling like sharks around the kiosk doing the same thing - flashing out their arms in ladies path.

- had a look of 'yes, a victim has been snared'

- their overall care and presentation not very representative of the AMAZING products they were peddling (my guy had very rough hands with bitten nails and cuticles - obviously spends a lot of time with fingers in mouth - gross!!)

My hand is still being held hostage and various lotions rubbed on my arm. He grabs my other arm and proceeds to point out the difference in a loud auctioneer voice probably intended to attract attention. So ridiculous!! And probably very embarrassing for more retiring women.

The arms are mine again, and I tell him I'm leaving, obviously not buying anything. He looks at me incredulously as if that's the dumbest thing he's ever heard. He says "but your skin could look so much better! look at your arm!" and he goes to grab it again. I swiftly move out of his reach and as I turn around to leave, he makes a gesture and sound of dismissal and disdain, turns around, grabs another packet and proceeds to look out over the sea of potential victims.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Educate the sales team in manners, respect and self-care. .

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Good for you! I actually went into one of their almost empty store fronts knowing everything about their scam (their employees are young Israelis here on student Visas, they don't have inventory in store, no price tags, etc.).

I had some fun with it and walked away with 8 packs of their nasty hand lotion after letting them know I 'know'. They need to be shut down so I'm urging everyone to complain to the mall management.