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On Mar.23, 2018 atBeachwood Place Mall in Beachwood, Ohio I was approached to sample cream for wrinkle firming on eyes and face. Yes, I purchased products and promised a free facial.

I returned for facial, but was hard pressed to purchase more products and blue light therapy and red light therapy. There were no signs or stated purchase policies of NO Returns, exchanges within 2 weeks UPFRONT.

In spite of me telling of my purchase limits, more products pushed at discounts. When I contacted salesmen after purchase, I was told to return to store and "see what we can do." More agression to buy more, no refund or compromise.

I feel poor business practices and relationship to unhappy customer practices by this company, in spite of returning within 2 weeks. Scammed out of thousands of dollars!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adore Cosmetics Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same to me awful people!


I also had problems at Beachwood! I was walking by and a 20 something woman ran out, gave me a bag and when I went into the store she put cleanser on my arm.

The cleanser of course picked up some debris from my arm! Evidence that I was just filthy!

(The debris was the same color as the cleanser) I decided to leave then I got a sob story-it was her first day, she just got here from Israel, and then she tried to sell me two other items. Hate these high-pressure tactics.


On July 31 was walking by adore cosmetics and was given a sample to take, I took it and said thanks, he invited me in , I said I was in a hurry, he insisted, he said that it was just for a second he had to show me something, soon as I walked in I felt trapped not given a choice right away he's applying cream around my eye without even asking if he could. Starts telling me look at the difference gave me a mirror and I said I don't see a difference, he said there was so he offered me the Lionesse syringe for $399.00, I said No, too much, I was about to leave and he said wait, I'll give it to you for 1/2 price, $199.00, again I said no, too much $, than the female took over takes a bag puts the merchandise in it plus a free gift of a soap bar and felt extremely pressured to purchase the item.

Then she said $120.00 family discount, I wanted to leave but felt very pressured so I made the purchase.

When I got home I realized that I would have not bout this product if I didn't feel pressured. Not a positive experience, don't except free samples, it's a lure to sell you more as soon as you walk in the door.


I went for free facial at a different location and all it was was more hard pressure sales. I didn't buy any more stuff.


They are awful ... wow And I almost Fell for it she was so good ...

grimey Girl and made sure she kept calling my daughter my sister .. lol I am 45 yrs old and pressured me To put the eye serum On Me And Kept telling me Look you look 17 On your Lower face and 50 around eyes .. I said cut to the chase and tell me price ...599 ... lol wtf ..

and when she seen my face lowered it to 250 and then 150... I looked online And it was 130 .. you shady people are awful ..

pressure pressure refused my answer ... wow