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So my friend and I went to the outlet mall in Winnipeg and the store is right by the bathrooms so as we are walking to the bathrooms this guy took notice... we are two young girls, we both seem easily fooled by poor selling tactics...

Continue on he lures us to talk to him by practically calling us over. (Here where it goes bad like it wasn’t already) So this guy holding only two samples of this “hypoallergenic organic” hand cream so I am very allergic to sunflowers... So naturally to avoid possible death I request what is the ingredients, pretty easy question if the package had ingredients (it did but in a very foreign language) so the guy doesn’t say like let me find out or anything he said and I quote “Don’t wory, it is organic so it is hypoallergenic...” I am sorry organic doesn’t mean hypoallergenic it means *** all to be honest and you saying it fits regulations of organic articles, NEWS FLASH THERE IS PRACTICALLY NO REGULATIONS SET IN PLACE FOR ORGANICS ESPECIALLY COSMETIC. I digress so I accept his answer (my fault but I did state I have several severe allergies before even taking the samples) The guy practically pulls us into the store and shows us this nail kit (that it alone is a scam...

if included a file, a buffer, nail oil and the hand cream which even before he gave me a price I knew it wasn’t worth more the maybe $20 at most) he hands me the box that is suspiciously light for having all this product apparently in it and say the the price is usually $99.99 (so a hundred *** dollars) but alas he will give it to me for $79.00 before tax normally that would be a great deal,right? As I said is at most is worth $20 after tax but me asking again what is in the items he said Don’t wory it is made for sensitive skin and since you bit your nails (which he has no clue if I do or not I just have short nails) it will promote growth. So along the four words in English it stated SUNFLOWER OIL... so I am internally freaking out because I did not want to make a seen and as I was about to leave to go wash it off and take an anti-inflammatoire he says you know what I can do for you I will give you my card and if you buy one at 79 you get the second free.

And I said that I wanted to think about it since I was mostly preoccupied with the fact that I might need to get a shot of adrenaline to be ok. So then he says you could get both for 35 *** dollars... so that is 65 dollars of the original price 99.99 but that would be if he gave me only one but wait there’s more not only do I get one for the low low price of 35 dollars he is going to throw in two years of FREE refills and he was also going to give me a free full pack. I finally was able to walk out after I was only in the store for 3 minutes after all that I still didn’t get his name or his card ...

I think the name I heard him answer to was Luca... so moral of this story don’t trust the pretty boy who tells you that if you don’t understand his accent the derection are on the back of the box in a language you most likely don’t know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adore Cosmetics Cream.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Was in that store yesterday. Had a salesman named Lucas.

Assume it is the same guy. He was so high pressure I couldn’t stand it.

Will never go near that store and would never buy their products just based on their sales tactics. Doubt their products are that great if they have to use such sales methods.


Omg! Thank god you were brave enough to walk out.

He plays this accent game and says prices then charge you with different. After you sign, he goes and tells you their teeny tiny sign saying “no refunds”!!!!


I will agree that they are very annoying I paid 73.50 for a Exfoliating cream I got a really good deal only for family members