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I am in love with my Adore Cosmetics products. Such elegance and beauty.

If you read most of the reviews about them here you can actually tell that these reviews are being left by disgruntled ex employees. I have a friend who told me that once they get fired for not meeting their quotas must of the people who work there just start spamming review sites just to mess with the company. I am not sure if that's legal or not but its kinda messed up. The fact that people can just get online and try to destroy other businesses just because they aren't smart enough to understand that this is a luxury skincare company and their products are pricey.

Everybody wants what their favorite celebrity uses but if you can't afford it maybe you shouldn't buy it.

Understand that if you are broke, you are broke. Dont buy *** that will leave you broke and then complaint about it.

Be an Adult and accept your responsibility.

Adore Cosmetics Pros: Adore cosmetics.

Adore Cosmetics Cons: Competitors writing bad reviews about them online.

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