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Beware of the sales tactics used by Adore Cosmetics!

Lured into the Front Street Lahaina Location...

Free samples to get you in the door then high pressure to buy overpriced

products. $400 for eye serum and moisturizer...

If you buy, they tell you they are giving you a 'free spa treatment' only

to find out it's another sales pitch from a much more aggressive salesperson than the first to buy a revolutionary $4400 light wand that smoothes away wrinkles...The pressure increases until they are nearly strong-arming you out of your money...

The entire pitch down to the texts from happy customers to the receipts

showing just how many units they have sold is orchestrated to part you

from your money. The ask you for your information and start filling out

a warranty form. Then the salesman says "my time here is valuable" (like

mine is not?) and says I have 'been pampered' and that I basically owe him

the sale. More wine to loosen the will is brought out. More comments

such as "don't I value my health" and "how much is my health worth to me" are volleyed about all the while the door to the room I'm in is blocked

for "privacy." This is the time share of cosmetics!

There is a strict "no return' policy on all products that I was shown,

all the while being assured that they are amazing and work wonders..

They could make a Hawaii 5-0 episode about these criminals!

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Just experienced the very same thing. Disgusting and insulted the salesman would even try such tactics.

I would say the product he used on me was really nice.. He even offered me his employee discount.