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I was visiting Santa Barbara last week. I was totally scammed by this shop.

I am from the UK. I was stopped outside and told that I had lovely skin and asked what I use. I was then invited into the shop to try a demonstration product on my skin and for a free facial consultation. They tried to sell me a Perfectio laser machine for $15000.

The price kept coming down and special offer after special offer. The girl Jenny kept telling me that I was beautiful and should treat myself to stop further signs of ageing. She told me that there was a kind of karma and because she liked me she would give me her special family discount of her own away to me. I said I didn’t have enough credit.

She said I could pay on two cards. She would not show me any prices. She asked too many personal questions about my life. She played tricks with my mind.

I became confused. She almost barred my way to get out of the shop saying that she had offered me the most amazing discount because I am beautiful and need to retain my looks. She made me feel bad and I caved in, spending over $1000 on products which don’t work and I was travelling the next day with only carry on luggage. After this miracle demonstration on my face half an hour after leaving the store my skin reverted back to its original state.

That is how I know it doesn’t work and I had been scammed with a hard sell! The next day I returned with a friend. I said that I could not fly with the products. They said that is no problem they can ship them to me.

I asked for my money back. No refunds, no credits and only exchanges. The shop is a disgrace and not something I would have expected on my first visit to California and Santa Barbara of all places!!

The girl Jenny had to be stopped. She is playing with people’s lives and money in a nasty, scheming and psychological way which is unethical and nasty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adore Cosmetics Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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BEWARE SANTA BARBARA ADORE STORE AND ANY OTHER. There are so many people with similar scammed experiences everywhere. I was experiencing very low blood sugar as I was passing their store, which is located next to See's candy in Paseo Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara, CA. An Adore employee stood outside the door holding out her hand with samples.

I thought it was a See's candy and thought it would help me get to my lunch destination. I have a lot of experience in skin care retail, but was so hypoglycemic that I was totally pulled into their shop. I told her I was not well and had to sit down as she continued to bombard me with sales scam and put eye cream on me, and offered me a free facial treatment in the treatment room where they brought me more candy after going to See's next door to get it. This sounds comical but it shows that I was dazed and even more easy to manipulate and brought under their spell to scam because of my physical and mental condition.I experienced all of their manipulative mind games that other victims write about, on pricing, including pulling receipts out of the cash register to show how they were offering me a discount over the last purchase, while at the same time pointing at the wall and saying they had to be careful because the owner was watching them by cameras.

And giving me free full size products with purchase that turned out to be already have been used as testers; saying one product, if used once a week, lasts 2 years, then told 60 only lasts 60 uses, etc. etc. etc.I was repeatedly asked if I lived locally, (they like to prey on the tourists who will be long gone back home when they find out they have been scammed), and I told them I was, but in the middle of moving soon. I was told they wanted to take my photo and use me as a local model to show before and after photos and that I would get discounts for doing this.I was first told the return policy was 30 days, then later on told 2 weeks, then told AFTER purchase: no returns.

I purchased products on March 10 2017 and tried to return at the same store on March 22, 2017, which I'm pretty sure is less than 14 days.I even had the Paseo Nuevo Mall police present as my witnesses, including one female officer who commented: "I can't believe they would not take your return"!!!I immediately phoned my credit card company from within the store to report them and try to stop payment. The store employees turned up the music to blast us out so we could not hear each other over the phone. At a later time, they repeatedly lied to my credit card company, telling them that I had not returned the items within the allowed time.I repeatedly told Adore, as well as the credit card company, that I would never, never, never pay for these items, as this store is 100% complete liars and scammers. They are so good that the credit card company never believed me, including having the mall security as my witness.

Needless to say I dropped that credit card company so don't ever use them either: Macy's Express (Am. Express partnered with Macys), and it destroyed my 800 credit score.